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Whitley & Siddons provides a wide range of construction information products for TxDOT, ODOT, and Regional/Municipal/RMA areas.

This includes:

  • Plans / Blueprints
  • Printed Reports
  • Web and Electronic access
  • Free Whitley & Siddons processing software
    (EasyLinkPro and PlanViewer)

Data Types include:
  • TxDOT & Regional Advance Notices
  • TxDOT & Regional List of Bidders / Planholders
  • TxDOT Bid Tabulations
  • TxDOT Lowbid Sheets
  • TxDOT Plans / Blueprints
  • TxDOT Bid Proposals
  • TxDOT Average Bid Price Information
  • TxDot Pay Estimates
  • Monthly "Dope" Books
  • Annual TxDOT "Personnel" Books
  • Statewide Hotsheet of non-TxDOT jobs

Our services include powerful features to scan/filter/convert the various  data, as well as the ability to quickly generate bid quotes and do analysis on the various jobs, both pre and post letting.

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Our Software

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